About ICFF

Illinois Connections for Families of the Fallen works to help families begin to find their new normal after a catastrophic loss. We connect families through events, workshops, and peer support, which can be empowering at a time of grief and confusion. We work with families to define and coordinate resources that meet each family’s unique needs. We believe that by recognizing that everyone grieves differently and that each person’s struggle to find strength is unique, we can support families in the most meaningful way. We provide:


  • Connecting families to health and educational benefits
  • Organizing outings and workshops to help grieving families find the “new normal”


  • Creating groundbreaking workshops and seminars on topics such as grief and loss
  • Building capacity so community services can be more effective


  • Partnering with the military, government agencies and community groups

Illinois Connections for Families of Fallen is a collaborative effort of representatives of over 25 different local and national agencies. As a founding member of ICFF, the Army Survivor Outreach Services has provided direction in the creation of ICFF initiatives and helped in the development of the Community Resource Guide.