Moving Pictures Tell the Story

These videos, from some of the first Connections Events, capture the spirit and community that make ICFF something more than just another memorial service.

Springfield 2014
“The first time I went, I was kind of worried and I went by myself. The thing said, ‘it’s not going to be upsetting’ – and it wasn’t. And the volunteers are so helfpful and so kind. And you’ll get a bond, and make new friends with a lot of people, because everybody here is nice, and it’s really awesome. … Every time I leave an ICFF event, I feel empowered, excited, goose-bumpy… I feel happy.”

What ICFF is all about
“The ICFF, you know – we’re an organization of the willing. It’s a group of community-based organizations, Veterans service organizations, the military, all the way down to individuals – anybody that wants to help and shares the passion to help families of the fallen. … Often families are invited to memorial events. That’s not what this is. Reliving that grief is hard. We want these events to be about the families. We try to have fun, there’s creative arts therapies for adults and children, and there’s always support from counselors if someone wants individual help.”

“We’re here to support, we’re here to be with you, we’re here to get to know the personal side of your hero. We all know the public side. We know what they did, and how they lived their lives. But we don’t know what you know about them. If you share that with us today, and share it with each other, it’ll help keep those memories alive.”

Although some details have changed since these first events, the passion and commitment to what we do remain the same.